ISELEC1B – December 11

I was running through the six with my woes…

Because i’m late for SCL… As always.

Semester’s coming to an end. Last meetings, last quizzes, last sermons and what not. Our BPO class was moved to Friday, which is alright for me because going home at 8 AM every Friday kinda sucks in a way. People look at me and they’re probably thinking: “Nakooo etong batang ‘to! Taga UST pa naman ang aga mag cutting!”

Anyways. Last meeting. Business Process Outsourcing. Before I talk about our last topic, I think i’ll talk about my experiences with the course. Before BPO, we had BPM. My BPM grades were terrible. I don’t even remember passing a single BPM quiz. I do remember getting caught asking my seatmate for answers during an exam. But it was my fault, really. Guilty of being too lazy to study. As always.

Coming into this semester and hearing about how BPO has something to do with BPM, In my mind I just had to make up for that horrible horrible BPM grade. Kinda like an NBA All Star having one bad game and then finishing with an insane triple double on the next game. I took it as a challenge.

Personally, I enjoyed all the group stuff we did. Heck, I even enjoyed doing interviews with those three companies! Because those interviews to me, were a short glimpse of the world that awaits me after I graduate. I got to hear about how they work, what they do, what their offices look like, the kind of people they work with. After doing three interviews, I just couldn’t wait to present the work that my group has done.

The way I see it, our ISELEC1B course was an eye opener. Or an orientation of some sort. Most of the time, we complain how most of our subjects have absolutely nothing to do with what we’re gonna do after we graduate. And now I am very much aware that BPO is a whole lot more than call centers. There is so much more to it than most people know. And it is absolutely not a “dead end” as some people see it. One can grow in BPO as long as they’re willing to learn. In fact, we actually talked about that with one of the companies we interviewed. We talked about how some people down themselves because they work for BPO companies. They simply stop learning. And to be honest, hearing from people who are actually working in the industry gave me a more realistic view of my future.

Now, as for our last topic, it was about innovation. Probably the topic that I found to be the most interesting. The kind of topic that my mind go: “KABOOOM!”  Innovations have made our world to become what it is today. As the late great Steve Jobs once said: (or maybe they just added that in the movie i’m not sure hehehe) “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Most of these great innovations we use today are products of an ambitious mind, and a whole lot of hard work. Nowadays, being innovative has become a bit more challenging to some. We have people working on flying cars, hoverboards, jetpacks. Some work on creating cures for diseases, cloned animals, lab-grown cow meat.

With all this stuff going on, its gonna take a lot of ambition, and whole lot of crazy for people to come up with new innovations. Then of course, there are those who look at ambition as a negative thing. Here in the Philippines, we often here people say: “Napaka ambisyoso naman!” or “Sus! Wish mo lang!” As if being ambitious has become synonymous to being crazy . Its sad because remarks like those often kill the spirit of people who have great ideas. It drains them to the point where they stop working on their ideas and just work on what people tell them to work on. And they slowly die together with their hopes and dreams of changing the world someday.


ISELEC1B – November 5

I was having this dream. And towards the end of the dream I hear:

“And his name is Joooohn Cenaaaaa!” *tentenenteeeen*

So once again, that John Cena meme has made its way into my dreams for like the 4th time since I set it as
my alarm tone. 7AM class and I had to get out of bed.

And I did….WWE style, of course.


Thursday morning again. BPO day. Quiz day. I was pretty worried because I have to pass every BPO quiz and I haven’t studied much for the next one because I was supposed to have a DB2 mock exam that day as well and I spent most of the night studying for that (Sorry, mam). So I checked my phone and saw the announcement that the quiz has been cancelled.
“Sweet lord baby Jesus Christ almighty amen hallelujah!” I said to myself. Once again, my ass has been saved.

The topic was on IT Sourcing Lifecycle and Transition phase. I remember skimming through module 8 the night before because I thought Module 8 was gonna be part of the quiz. So anyway, its about the 4 phases, and the nine building blocks within these phases, managing transition, and risk management. Now, I understand why there has to be phases and building blocks. There are so many things involved in IT sourcing and the whole IT process can be a bit complicated sometimes especially if there are big companies and a large amount of people involved. As for risk management, a lot of things can happen throughout the whole process. And you just simply have to be ready for the worst. (Ya feel me?)

ISELEC1B – September 3

“Pag malamig sa nasakyan kong tren, papasa ako sa quiz.”

I love mornings. I’m quite a morning person myself. And nothing says “Good Morning!” like a nice PDF file saved in your phone because you didn’t study enough last night. Thursday BPO quiz again. Plus a quiz in Statistics in the afternoon! Hoo. Rah. At this point of the semester, Ive made it a point to wake up extra morning on Thursdays. Can’t be late on Thursdays. That’s about an hour and a half of commute from the top of a mountain to UST.

So yeah. Quiz time! I knew I wasn’t gonna get a score as high as the last one. But the least I could do was just pass. I took the quiz. My palms were sweaty. Knees weak. Arms were heavy. I was nervous. But on the surface I looked calm ready….  I totally got that from an Eminem song hehehe. But I did pass the quiz, though. After taking the quiz, I saw the late students who were locked out of the room. I though to myself: “That could have been me!!” Good thing I wasn’t late. Though after the class, they were allowed to take the quiz. Quiz time’s over. Now on to the lesson of the today. Module 3: Global Outsourcing.

Two things came into mind when I heard the term “Global Outsourcing.”  And by things, I mean countries. China and India. China because I am aware that most companies outsource their manufacturing there. And India because the terms “Outsourcing” always reminds of that movie I once saw called: “Outsourced” The movie took place in India. Anyway, apparently, there’s a lot more to Global Outsourcing than just China and India. There are some factors to be considered. I do recall reading about these factors while working on our report. Factors such as Material costs, Inventory carrying costs, and supply and operational risks. We discussed about International Commerce Terms or Incoterms. Some shipping terms I wasn’t familiar with. Some were very familiar because of our accounting subject. Another thing I learned is about the advantages and disadvantages of Global Outsourcing. Although it its efficient economically, there can be human rights violations which is bad for company’s image. I’ve read about these kinds of cases. Not to get start a protest of some sort, but its just sad that companies don’t take human rights into consideration.

Anyway, it was on to the reporting. I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand what the reporters were saying. Its like they were reading a script in a very low volume voice. It got to the point where I remembered Mam Kit mentioning a Buzzfeed article about Nutella so I looked for it and completely forgot about the reporters. One thing led to another, I ended up taking a bunch of Buzzfeed quizzes and looking at random stuff on the intenet. Stuff like sleeve Batman tattoos. Don’t get me wrong, they were prepared. They just didn’t deliver it that well.

ISELEC1B – Aug 27

I was running through the six without my woes.I didn’t wanna be late. Thursday morning BPO class and we always start the day with…a quiz. A quiz on the first module. Been studying for days and I was totally ready. ‘Twas pretty short. Finished the whole thing in less than 15 minutes. Got everything right except for the bonus question which was: “What is the full name of this IS Elective course?” That one nalied me. But hey, I rarely get scores that high so I was cool with it.

After the quiz, it was on with the lesson. Module 2. Introduction to Service Management: What and When to Outsource or Offshore. On the When part, I already had an idea. All that research for the report we did last meeting and I came across the topic of When to Outsource. Anyway, we discussed about the Service Lifecycle. How everything circles from Service Strategy to Continual Service Improvement. We then dug deeper into Service Management. Like what’s so good about it, what’s in it, and why its important. Ineraction, Response to failure, Imporvement, The Environment, Changes, Relationships, and People. These are like the things Service Management is made of. I’d like to think of Service Management as the Sun and all of the things mentioned are the planets. Lets just put it that way.

We moved on to When and What to outsource. In order for a company to focus on its core function, it is best to outsource. A company can outsource many other processes such as marketing, payroll, IT consulting, legal service, manufacturing, etc. On when to outsource, it is important to know what your key function is. Of course, you’re outsourcing so you can focus on your key function. Other factors you have to take into consideration is if it will benefit you financially and if give you an advantage.

IS-ELEC1B – Birthday Card Activity

Back story! Real quick! I have this course in school called: “Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing.” Here, we learn about how companies work, how companies would hire other companies to do business functions, when do they (companies) do this (outsourcing), and many more that I don’t know yet because we just started like, two weeks ago. So last week, we had some sort of introductory activity for the subject. Our class was divided into groups and each group had to think of company names and we all had to act as if we were in a real company. The the members of the groups were divided just like in a real company that has different divisions. And each division had to act as if they were in different countries. We were all asked to make Birthday cards and each group had different clients. I was assigned in Branding along with the two designers. The three of us were (hypothetically) stationed in Yemen. Why Yemen? Well lets just say I’ve been binge watching “Friends” lately.

Since I was assigned to branding, my task was to make our cards different from the others. I started with the logo. I had to think of a logo that is unique and at the same time, easy to draw because we only had 10 minutes to meet our client’s demands. So just went with a simple balloon and wrote the initials of our company on it. I had an idea of giving our cards a bit of a twist. I thought that instead of the usual birthday greeting, I could maybe put on some sarcastic greetings. For example: “Congratulations on being 16 and not pregnant!” or “You were a lot cuter when you were born. What the hell happened?” I thought it was great idea and it could actually make a person (especially close friends) appreciate the birthday card even more. Because lets face it. Giving a person a birthday card means you were either too lazy to get them a gift or you forgot about their birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t write those on all the cards in under 10 minutes. And I ran out of sarcastic birthday greetings.

The activity had rounds and as we moved on to another round, the tasks get a bit harder. This is were double hatting comes in. I worked with the designers and we all made sure we were putting what the client wants on their birthday cards. We worked on the designs that the client wants and we all made sure that the logo was present in every card. As the blank cards arrive, the three of us get at least two cards to draw and write on. During the last few rounds, it got a lot tougher as our client kept changing his mind on what design he wanted on the cards. We had to make a lot of adjustments but we worked as a unit and managed to deliver what the client wanted. At the end of the activity, our group (company) was able to make up for the (imaginary) money spent on he production of cards. Personally, I thought the activity was a great way of explaining the subject. It gave me a better understanding of how companies work and how service management works.